Our Identity


The ESG Research Initiative Center at the University of Chicago (ESGRIC) develops the best environmental, social, and governance knowledge and practices globally. We produce the most advanced ESG knowledge and connect it to the world through ESG practices.


We are building a world where each company, market, and government practices an ESG culture. This culture integrates companies, financial institutions, investors, analysts, consultants, advisors, pension fund trustees, governmental agencies, stock exchanges, NGOs, community leaders, and educational institutions to develop a sustainable future for all.

Values and Culture

The ESGRIC believes that an efficient and sustainable global economy depends on smarter, cleaner, and more responsible investment. Our ESG culture concentrates on producing and promoting four values that improve financial sustainability and efficiency: long term commitment, positive impact, transparency, and teamwork.

What We Do

The role of ESGRIC in the ESG world is to produce, teach, train on, and implement the most advanced knowledge about environmental, social, and governance cultures. ESGRIC’s regular course, “Environmental, Social, and Governance Training” offers a unique combination of analytical and practical perspectives into ESG.

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