Global Organizations Documents


UN, “Who Cares Wins

UN, “PRI – A Practical Guide to ESG Integration for Equity Investing

UN, “SDG – Sustainable Development Goals

UN, “SDG Good Practices

UN, “Freshfields Report

UN, “Global Compact 10 Principles

UNEP, “Guidelines for Climate Target Setting for Banks


Addis Adaba Action Agenda, “Third International Conference: Financing for Development

Africa Sif and IFC – International Finance Corporation’s “Sustainable Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa

African Development Bank’s “Environmental and Social Assessment Reports

Africa50 (African Development Bank), “Africa 50: Investing in Infrastructure for Africa’s Growth 2019

Africa50 (African Development Bank), “Corporate Profile

Africa50’s (African Development Bank) other reports

ITCC (non-profit)

IUCN (Eastern and Southern Africa), “Reports

IUCN (West and Central Africa), “Regional Rapport Annuel

African Venture Philanthropy Alliance, “Knowledge and Resources

South Africa’s Public Investment Corporation, “ESG

Eco Conscience TV (Togo), “Les Émissions

ESG Africa (consultancy)

Kenya (IFC), “Supporting Small Bsinesses to Withstand the Shock of Covid-19

Mali (IFC), “Strengthening the Economy Through Local Quicklime Production

Mami Wata Project, “Pilot Projects

Réseau Climat & Développement, “Membres

UN, PNUD (Cameroon), “Initiative Équateur

CSM (UN Committee for Food Security), “CSM Working Group on Women


Asian Development Bank, “ESG Investment: Opportunities and Risks for Asia

Asia Institute, “ESG Forum

Central Pacific Bank, “ESG Report

Deutsche Bank, “ESG Centre of Excellence in Singapore

Factset, “ESG Solutions

India (IFC), “Maintaining Access to Health Care During COVID-19 Via an Online Platform

Indonesia (IFC), “Issuing a First-Ever Gender Bond to Prompt Inclusive Growth

IUCN (Asia), “Annual Report

IUCN (West Asia), “Annual Report

Marsh & McLennan Asia Pacific Risk Center, “Driving ESG Investing in Asia

Pacific Sustainable Tourism Network, “Sustainable Practices

Solomon Islands (IFC), “Going Green in the Blue Pacific Ocean

Middle East

Afghanistam (IFC), “Putting Afghanistam on the Path to Energy Security

Altamim, “The Rise of ESG in the UAE

Israel Securities Authority, “Call for Proposals on Corporate Responsibility and ESG Risk Disclosures” 

Palestine (IFC), “Boosting Learning–and Self-Reliance–Through Solar Power

Latin America and the Caribbean

Brazil (IFC), “Supporting a a New Market for Allergen-Free Foods

Colombia (IFC), “Empowering the Next Generation of Sustainable Finance Leaders”

El Salvador (IFC), “Lowering the Cost of Electricity, Boosting Business Growth

Inter-American Development Bank, “Corporate Sustainability Index

Irena (International Renewable Energy Agency), “Energy Transformation in Latin America and the Caribbean

IUCN (Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean), “Annual Report

IUCN (South America), “Relatório Anual

LAVCA, “ESG & Impact

Natixis, “Latin America Has the Highest Global Demand for ESG

S&P/B3 Brasil ESG

WEF, “How a different kind of investment could transform Latin America

Europe and the US

World Economic Forum, “A Leapfrog Moment for China in ESG Reporting

World Economic Forum, “Medicine from the Sky: Opportunities and Lessons from Drones in Africa

World Economic Forum, “Unlocking the potential of Earth Observation to address Africa’s critical challenges

World Economic Forum, “Consultation: Nature and Net Zero

World Economic Forum, “Toward Common Metrics and Consistent Reporting of Sustainable Value Creation

World Economic Forum, “The Future of Jobs Report 2020

World Economic Forum, “Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism: Towards Common Metrics and Consistent Reporting of Sustainable Value Creation

World Economic Forum, “Upskilling for Shared Prosperity

World Economic Forum “Principles for Strengthening Global Cooperation

World Economic Forum, “Net Zero Carbon Cities: An Integrated Approach

World Economic Forum, “State of the Connected World 2020 Edition

World Economic Forum, “Global Technology Governance Report 2021

Horasis, “The Horasis Declaration: Our Commitment to Principled Leadership in Times of Disruption

Horasis, “Towards Trustworthy And Responsible Leadership,” Manuela Andarolo

Horasis, “Why it’s time for leaders to move beyond disruption,” Terence Mauri

Horasis, “Does globalization have to mean massive inequality? Maybe not — there’s a better way,” Frank-Jurgen Richter

Horasis, “Urgent Need for International Dialogue to Overcome Inequalities,” Frank-Jurgen Richter

Horasis, “Unite to Defeat Socio-economic Inequalities,” Frank-Jurgen Richter

Horasis, “The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women,” Fatima Al Ansar

Horasis, “Why We Need to Talk About Climate Change Refugees,” Frank-Jurgen Richter

Horasis, “Cities and the Importance of Sustainability: The Unlikely Heroes,” Frank-Jurgen Richter

Horasis, “Opportunities Created by EU Green Finance in Emerging Markets,” Saahil Waslekar

EU Law, “Sustainability-Related Disclosures in the Financial Sector

WAPPP, “Making PPPs Fit for the 2030 Agenda

The Equator Principles, “The Equator Principles

Man Institute, “ESG Investing: What Does the Research Say?

Domini, “Investing for Good

Allianz Global Investors, “Sustainability Report 2020

Servia (IFC), “Cleaning Up One of Europe’s Largest Landfills

Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, “Global Sustainable Investment Review

SASB, “SASB and Other ESG Frameworks

GRI, “GRI Standards by Language

BlackRock, “Sustainable Investing

PRI, “Principles for Responsible Investment

MSCI, “ESG Investing

CDP, “Annual Scores

IIRC, “International Framework

Sustainalytics, “ESG Risk Ratings

Business Roundtable, “Purposes of a Corporation

CDSB, “CDSB Framework

S&P Global, “ESG in Credit Ratings

S&P Global, “Trucost

IISD, “International Institute for Sustainable Development

Robecom Sam, “Strategies

US SIF, “Global Sustainable Investment Alliance

Refinitiv, “Sustainability

GRESB, “Global ESG Benchmark

WBCSD, “What We Do

IFRS, “Standards

Goby, “ESG Solutions

Federated Hermes, “Responsibility & Stewardship

CFA, “ESG Disclosure Standards

ICG, “International Corporate Governance Network

Truevalue Lab, “SDG and SASB Data

Financial Reporting Council, “UK Corporate Governance Code

GIIN, “Building an Impact Practice

Ecovadis, “Sustainability Ratings

LBO France, “ESG Criteria

Future of Sustainable Data Alliance (FoSDA), “About

Norton Rose Fulbright, “ESG

Climate Technology Centre & Network, “Projects

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, “About ICCR”

Climate Chance, “Climate Finance Report

ESG Clarity, “Ratings

ISS, “ESG Solutions

World Bank, “ESG data

European Union Directive, “Guidelines on non-financial reporting

Task Force On Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, website

Task Force On Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, “Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

S&P, “What is the Impact of the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation – SFDR?

CAIA, “Categories and Biases followed by ESG History, Approaches and Integration

CAIA, “Understanding ESG

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